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Asphalt Removal Services for Riverside and San Bernardino

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The Best Choice for Asphalt Removal and Pavement Milling in the Inland Empire

Inland Paving provides Riverside and San Bernardino Counties with the best asphalt removal services at highly competitive prices. Over the 40 years we have been in business, thousands of paving contractors, construction companies, pipeline contractors, and trenching contractors have come to rely on us for our excellent workmanship, honest prices, and reliable customer service. Our experienced staff has the qualifications and hands-on expertise to complete expert asphalt removal and replacement services for roads, parking lots, and driveways. In addition, we offer road profiler equipment rentals to paving companies and building contractors throughout Southern California.

High-Grade Asphalt Removal and Pavement Milling Equipment and Experienced Operators

As part of our commitment to excellence, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment that contributes to our ability to deliver the most cost-effective services to our clients. Our most recent addition, the Caterpillar Road Profiler Grinder (BOMAG 1200/30), offers superior mobility and precision for commercial and residential asphalt milling and pavement removal. By using the BOMAG 1200/30, Inland Paving provides San Bernardino, Perris, Riverside, Temecula, and nearby areas with the most efficient and reliable asphalt removal services available.

This excellent, all-around pavement milling machine has an operating weight of 19,170 - 21,350 kilograms, with a highly maneuverable design that allows for expert navigation even under confined site conditions. It can grind up to 13" of asphalt in a single pass, and is ideal for removing asphalt from streets, parking lots, and driveways, digging trenches, and milling pavement in preparation for asphalt replacement. As the old asphalt gets removed from the work site, the machine shoots it straight into a truck for immediate haul away. The ground-up asphalt is also suitable for use as base material for new asphalt mixes; or it can be left in place to be regraded and paved over.

Convenient Asphalt Grinder Rental Services With a Half-Day Minimum Rental

The Caterpillar Road Profiler Grinder is available for rental to building, paving, and pipeline contractors throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Our asphalt grinder rental services come with a licensed and experienced operator that can expertly navigate your construction site according to your exact specifications, time requirements, and asphalt removal needs.

Contact us our Perris office today to learn more about our comprehensive asphalt and concrete paving services. We offer free on-site estimates, and stand behind our workmanship with a five-year guarantee.